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The Modern Eagle Guide: The F-15 Eagle/Strike Eagle Exposed
by Jake Melampy

The third installment in The Modern Guide Series walks the reader through the intracacies of the awe-inspiring Boeing F-15 Eagle. As with the other books in this series, the author worked extensively with pilots and crewchiefs, making this book the single most comprehensive detail-type book ever produced on the F-15. Full coverage of the early F-15A/B is included, as is extensive coverage of the modern F-15C/D and F-15E Strike Eagle. Foreign jets are also included, giving the reader a glimpse into how they have been modifed from USAF machines.
For the first time, a gallery is included at the end of the book featuring photos of Eagles from nearly every unit (USAF and coalition air forces) worldwide that has ever flown the F-15 in operational service. The variety of markings shown in these pages alone makes this book a true necessity for the Eagle aficianodo.

Perfect Paperback: 188 pages
Publisher: Reid Air Publications (June 16, 2008)

Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle: All-Weather Attack Aircraft
by Steve Davies

This book traces the history and development of the Strike Eagle from its conception as a replacement for the F-111 in 1984 to the present day. Every aspect of the aircraft and its operation are examined including airframe, powerplant, avionics and weapon systems. Design plans, photographs and color profiles give graphic portrayal of this meanest of mean machines.

Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: The Crowood Press (December 18, 2003)

Strike Eagle: Flying the F-15E in the Gulf War (The Warriors)
by William Smallwood

Based on personal accounts from the daring pilots and WSOs who fought in the Gulf War. A pilot who writes for the non-aviator, William Smallwood puts you inside the cockpit of one of the world's most advanced fighters during the most decisive air campagne in history. Strike Eagle is a story that dramatically conveys the tension and triumph of the Gulf War.

Paperback: 230 pages
Publisher: Potomac Books Inc. (September 30, 2005)
Reprint: See 1998 edition

Fighter Wing: A Guided Tour of an Air Force Combat Wing (Tom Clancy's Military Reference)
by Tom Clancy and John Gresham (A non-fiction book.)

An insider's look at an Air Force combat wing--the planes, the technology, and the people--with Tom Clancy as your guide. Now, the acclaimed author takes to the skies with the U.S. Air Force's elite: in an F-15E. You won't want to put this book down while he explains the technology that protects our nation in a way CNN never will!
This book has even been used in military education courses at the US Air Force Academy!

Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Berkley Trade (September 4, 2007)
Reprint: See 2000 edition

McDonnell-Douglas F-15 Eagle : A Photo Chronicle
by William G. Holder, Mike Wallace, Bill Holder

This photo chronicle covers the F-15 Eagle from its planning and development, to its success in Operation Desert Storm and post-Desert Storm operations in over 170 photographs, most in color. All types are covered, including foreign - Israel, Japan and Saudi Arabia - and Saudi Arabia - and the Strike Eagle.
Bill Holder is a retired USAF aero-space engineer, and is now a freelance writer specializing in aviation and automotive subjects. He lives in Dayton, OH. Mike Wallace has more than 22 years of Air Force public relations experience, and has been attached to Aeronautical Systems Division at Wright-Patterson AFB. He lives in Lewisburg, OH.

Paperback: 88 pages
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. (October 1994)

Fighter Combat: Tactics and Maneuvering (New Edition)
by Robert L. Shaw

A must read for anyone who desires to understand air-to-air combat. Whether you plan to fly the latest flight simulator or the F-22. This text has been used by physics courses at the US Air Force Academy!

Hardcover: 428 pages
Publisher: United States Naval Inst. (December 1985)

Jane's F-15
by Electronic Arts

The classic flight simulator

ESRB Rating: Everyone
- Content suitable for persons age 6 or older.

Prima's Official Strategy Guide to Janes F-15
by Origin, Tuesday Frase, Jennifer Spohrer

From in-depth analysis of mission tactics, to intelligence files on enemy equipment and vehicles, to excerpts from actual F-15E manuals, this guide will help you "win the war".

Paperback - 317 pages
ISBN: 076151516X

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